质量、安全 & 病人的权利


质量 & 安全

“质量”的概念在医疗保健领域并不新鲜, 但这是至关重要的,也是我们每天都在努力实现的目标. 监管机构和项目,如 医疗补助和医疗保险服务中心医疗保险星级评级华盛顿州卫生部联合委员会(TJC) and others have monitored and surveyed healthcare quality activities with the goal of continually improving the reliability and safety of care provided.

在过去十年中, focus on quality has been sharpened by the call to accountability through TJC's Agenda for Change, 医学研究所关于医疗事故的报告, 国家质量论坛认可的安全做法, 医疗保健购买者对价值的需求, 以及我们所服务的公众对我们的理解日益加深. Performance measures for healthcare have also expanded to include outcome measures such as patient satisfaction and cost as well as key clinical measures.

It is no surprise that the public's demand for quality in healthcare services (that which is safe, 有效的, 以病人为中心, 及时的, 非常高效。, 和公平)匹配我们的 使命、愿景和价值观. 在澳门博彩股份网址登录, 我们正在努力提高临床水平, 通过收集服务和财务结果, trending and responding to performance measures and implementing/refining evidence-based practices. 项目包括:

  • TJC Core Measures (acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia and pregnancy indicators)
  • Washington statewide initiatives (Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program for PCI [percutaneous coronary interventions], 糖尿病协作)
  • 跨越式行动(国家患者安全目标), 重症监护病房的特护医师, preoperative prophylactic antibiotic administration and beta-blocker prophylaxis for at-risk 病人, 深静脉血栓(DVT)预防
  • 患者护理服务绩效改进(PCS PI)举措(患者安全), 药物管理, 疼痛管理, 和出院计划)
  • 患者满意度调查
  • 员工和供应商参与调查

澳门博彩股份网址登录, safety is a core value and providing quality care allows us to deliver the best possible outcomes and customer service for our community. Like our mission statement declares, we are committed to "caring for our community like family.“我们非常重视这一挑战.


我们视你为医院护理的合作伙伴. 当你消息灵通的时候, participate in treatment decisions and communicate openly with your doctor and other health professionals, 你帮助使你的护理尽可能有效. 澳门博彩股份网址登录 encourages respect for the personal preferences and values of each individual. 我们的目标是确保你作为病人的权利得到尊重.

  • All 病人 and family have the right to access an interpreter if you are deaf or do not speak or understand 英语.
  • 所有病人都有权拒绝推荐的治疗方法, 在法律允许的范围内, 并被告知这一行为的医疗后果. All 病人 are responsible for their own actions if they refuse treatment or do not follow the doctor's recommendations.
  • 所有病人都有充分考虑隐私的权利. 病人有责任体谅其他病人的隐私. Telephones, televisions, radios and lights should be used in a manner agreeable to others.
  • All 病人 have the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to their care will be treated as confidential, 除非是涉嫌虐待和危害公众健康的情况, 当报告被法律允许或要求时.
  • All 病人 have the right to receive considerate care that respects their personal values and belief systems. 我们要求我们的病人体谅并尊重医疗中心的工作人员.
  • 所有患者都有权检查并获得对其账单的解释, 无论付款来源如何. 病人 have the responsibility to provide information necessary for claim processing and to be prompt in payment of their bills.
  • All 病人 have the right to know the rules and regulations that apply to patient care and conduct and are responsible for following those rules and regulations.
  • All 病人 have a right to receive an explanation of their treatment program and to ask for further clarification if the course of treatment is not understood. 病人有责任配合他们的治疗方案.




澳门博彩股份网址登录,我们尊重病人的 隐私权.  


你有权做出自己的医疗决定. 然而, it is wise to prepare for situations when you may not be able to communicate your wishes—such as when you are rendered unconscious during surgery or following an unexpected accident. Recommended preparations include completing a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and a Health Care Directive (a.k.a. 生活将). 了解更多  

2008年3月, 华盛顿州批准了第1000号倡议, 也被称为尊严死亡法案. 澳门博彩股份网址登录尊重病人做出选择的权利, while also recognizing the right of healthcare providers to participate in activities specific to I-1000. 了解更多

伦理委员会是一个包括医生在内的多学科团队, 护士, 医院领导, 法律专家, 精神护理提供者, 以及社区成员. The Ethics Committee advises staff and 病人 on questions about moral or ethical questions that may arise as part of a patient’s care. 他们还帮助临床工作人员进行道德问题的教育, 制定与病人护理相关的政策.

Any member of a patient’s care team can request an Ethics Consultation from the Ethics Committee. 病人,亲人,还有 法定代理决策者 for 病人 who are unable to make their own decisions can request an Ethics Consult as well. 病人,亲人,还有 法定代理决策者 can email the Ethics Committee at ethics@1624communications.com 或致电道德操守热线425-690-4380.

Ethics Consultation is available Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, except for 澳门博彩股份网址登录 假期. 道德顾问将在一个工作日内回复请求.


  • If t在这里 are concerns that a legal surrogate decision maker for a patient is not making decisions for a patient based on what the patient had previously wanted for their healthcare.
  • 如果病人拒绝接受生存所必需的治疗, but their healthcare provider and/or the patient’s loved ones are concerned that the patient does not understand the decision that they are making.

During an ethics consult, an Ethics Consultant gathers more information about the situation. 他们可能会和:

  • 病人,如果可能的话
  • 病人的亲人或合法的代理决策者
  • 病人护理小组的成员
  • 其他认识病人的人,视情况而定


  • A note documenting the gat在这里d information and Ethics Committee guidance is placed in the patient’s electronic medical record.
  • 病人, 他们所爱的人, and/or 法定代理决策者 are notified of the guidance provided by the Ethics Committee
  • 病人护理小组的成员 are notified of the guidance provided by the Ethics Committee

伦理咨询的目标是支持知情人士, 患者的慎重决策, 家庭, 医生, 还有医疗团队. 通过帮助澄清伦理问题和价值观, 促进讨论, 并提供专业知识和教育资源, 道德顾问提倡对价值观的尊重, 需要, 以及所有参与者的利益, 特别是当治疗决定存在分歧或不确定时. (美国医学会医学伦理原则:IV,V)



We encourage you to report any concerns to the staff or manager at the point of care or service so that the issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.
If you have a comment or concern about the quality of your care 在这里 at 澳门博彩股份网址登录, 病人, 他们的家人, 国内合作伙伴, 或者合法授权的代理决策者可以 直接联系部门,或透过我们的网站提交意见 澳门博彩股份网址登录 哪些将被发送到相应的部门进行跟进. 如果您想直接与我们的患者关系经理交谈,请拨打425.690.3403,留下你的联系方式. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible, and no later than two business days.



奥林匹亚WA 98504-7857

If you have any compliance concerns regarding Valley Medical Group-Renton or Accountable Care Organization (ACO) activities, 提交一份匿名在线报告表格 在这里